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by Olivier De Bardonneche last modified 27-03-2007 22:45

Institute of Experimental Botany ASCR, Praha, Czech Republic

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH



The DNA Repair Lab is studying nuclear DNA damage and repair in plants by various modifications of comet assay, particularly rapid repair of DNA double strand breaks (DSB). Currently various Arabidopsis knockout repair mutants are being investigated to establish UV and DNA-Protein and DNA-DNA cross link repair pathways. The lab has all the necessary space and equipment required to carry the project; GMO greenhouse security class C; tissue culture and disposal facilities; standard molecular biology equipment, epifluorescence microscopes.

Scientific personnel


Karel J. Angelis, senior scientist: Helena Plchová, PhD (Repair enzymes, production and characterization); Jaroslav Kozák, PhD student (Comet assay and its modifications): Karolina Matešovská, Ing. (Comet assay).

Recent publications

1. Angelis, K.J. et al. (1999) Single cell gel electrophoresis; detection of DNA damage at different levels of sensitivity. Electrophoresis 20, 2133-2138. 2. Menke, M. et al. (2000) Detection of specific DNA lesions by a combination of comet assay and FISH in plants. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 35: 132-138. 3. Menke, M. et al. (2001) DNA damage and repair in Arabidopsis thaliana as measured by the Comet Assay after treatment with different classes of genotoxins. Mutat. Res. 493: 87-93. 4. Heitzeberg, F. et al. (2004) The Rad9 and Rad17 Homologues of Arabidopsis are Involved in the Regulation of DNA Damage Repair and Homologous Recombination. Plant J 38:954-968. 5. Takeda, S. et al. (2004) BRU1, a novel link between genetic/epigenetic inheritance and meristem development in Arabidopsis. Genes & Development 18:782-793.

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH
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