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by Olivier De Bardonneche last modified 27-03-2007 22:41
COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH


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IMSTAR, founded by Dr Françoise Soussaline in 1985, is a private company, owned in majority by its founders and managers. It provides automated bio-imaging solutions for virtual microscopy and high throughput analysis in pathology & cytology for Diagnostic and Life Sciences laboratories. IMSTAR offers innovative solutions for full process automation and high-content quantification. PATHFINDERTM Work Stations serve both research and clinical laboratories in: Human and animal molecular cyto-genetics & cyto-pathology; Oncology clinical and research tests - tele pathology; Cytotoxicity and drug safety, drug development assays; Multiplex analysis using biochip technology; Innovative medical applications in accurate mutation detection, large scale functional genomic; Agro food and pharmaceutical industries.


Principal scientific and technical personnel

Françoise Soussaline, PhD, DrSc. Founder, President CEO & CSO. Michel Soussaline, MD, General Manager and Business Development. Alexandre Papine, MSc. Director Research & Development. Jérôme Sallette, PhD. Scientific Manager.


Recent publications

1. Laurent C. et al. Modulation of DNA damage by pentoxifylline and α-tocopherol in skin fibroblasts exposed to gamma-rays. Radiat Res 164, 63-72 (2005). 2. Lorge E. et al. Detection and scoring of micronuclei in genotoxicity: A validation study using PATHFINDERTM, an automated imaging system, applied to the in vitro micronucleus assay on L5178Y cells. Annual Meeting of SFGT Mutagenese, July 2004, Toulouse, France. 3. Baghdoyan S. et al. Quantitative analysis of highly parallel transfection in cell microarrays. Nucl. Acids Res. 32, 9 e77 (2004). 4. Pouget JP et al., PCC-FISH in skin fibroblasts for local dose assessment: biodosimetric analysis of a victim of the Georgian radiological accident, Radiat Res. 162, 365-76 (2004).


Imaging apparatus linked to an image data base (Patent FR 00 04411, Extension PCT FR01/00994, USA N°10/257120, EUROPEEN N°01921459.2). Patent: Reader of chips of biochip type and related procedures (Patent FR 021 6500, Extension PCT N°1921459.2, EUROPEEN N°03813936.6, JAPON N°2004-563310, USA N°10/540516 and CHINE)

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH<
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