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by Olivier De Bardonneche last modified 27-03-2007 22:42

Slovak Medical University, Bratislava

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH

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The Research Base of the Slovak Medical University, Bratislava is the only institution in Slovakia entirely focused on medical research, carrying out experimental and clinical research. The Research Base has participated in numerous EU projects within the 5th and 6th Framework Programmes as well as PHARE and NIH projects. Slovak Medical University is an EU Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health Research (HEAR NAS). The CoE is creating multidisciplinary research groups on projects aimed at reducing the negative impact of environmental factors on health. Relevant expertise: The scientific team involved in COMICS have a high level of expertise in environmental monitoring, biomonitoring, environmental and occupational epidemiology and genetic toxicology, and experience in development of new biomarkers of exposure, effect and genetic susceptibility, and genetic polymorphisms.

Scientific personnel


Katarina Volkovova, MSc, PhD; Head of Laboratory of Enzymology and Nutrition. Martina Valachovičová, MSc, biochemist, PhD student: Marta Staruchová, M.Sc., chemist: Magda Barančoková, MSc, geneticist; Alena Kažimírová, MSc, geneticist.

Recent publications

1. K.Volkovová et al. Antioxidant supplementation reduces inter-individual variation in markers of oxidative damage. Free Rad. Res. 39, 659-666, 2005. 2. M.Dušinská et al. Genotoxic effects of asbestos in humans. Mutat. Res. 553, 91-102, 2004. 3. M.Dušinská et al. Does occupational exposure to mineral fibres cause DNA or chromosome damage? Mutat. Res. 553, 103-110, 2004. 4. M.Beňo et al. Some lung cellular parameters reflecting inflammation after combined inhalation of amosite dust with cigarette smoke by rats. Centr. Europ. J. Pub. Health 12, S11-13, 2004. 5. P.Loli et al. Benzo(a)pyrene-enhanced mutagenesis by asbestos in the lung of l-lacI transgenic rats. Mutat. Res. 553, 79-90, 2004.

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH
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