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by Olivier De Bardonneche last modified 27-03-2007 22:38

TATAA Biocenter AB, Göteborg

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH



TATAA Biocenter (founded in 2001) is today the leading commercial research and service provider of real-time PCR applications in Europe. TATAA pioneered the field of gene expression profiling of individual cells by real-time PCR, revealing very high heterogeneity among cells in seemingly homogeneous populations. TATAA has a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to real-time PCR with five different Q-PCR platforms as well as pipetting station for high throughput studies. TATAA Biocenter is developing proprietary dyes and also probes that become intensively fluorescent upon binding nucleic acids. These dyes have been tested in both real-time PCR and comet assays with encouraging results. TATAA Biocenter arranges workshops and training courses in real-time PCR throughout Europe.

Principal scientific and technical staff

Mikael Kubista, professor, principal investigator; holds 10 patents related to real-time PCR.. Neven Zoric, MSc; Manager of TATAA Biocenter, Sweden; expert in real-time PCR kit development. Michael Pfaffl, PhD (Manager of TATAA Biocenter, Germany; expert in sample preparation). Robert Sjöback, PhD (Principal research scientist; expert in gene expression analysis). Anders Stålberg, PhD (Principle research scientist; expert in reverse transcription). Kristina Lind, MSc (Tech. Lic. Research scientist; expert in protein analysis by real-time PCR). Martin Bengtsson, MSc (Tech. Lic. Research scientist; expert in single cell profiling). Linda Strömbom, MSc (Research scientist; expert in QA of real-time PCR products).

Recent publications

1. M. Bengtsson et al. A Gene expression profiling in single cells from the pancreatic islets of Langerhans reveals lognormal distribution of mRNA levels. Genome Res. 15, 1388-1392 (2005). 2. K. Lind and M. Kubista Development and evaluation of three real-time immuno-PCR assemblages for quantification of PSA. J. Immun. Meth. 304, 107-116 (2005). 3. J. Håkansson et al. Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule-Deficient ß-Cell Tumorigenesis Results in Diminished Extracellular Matrix Molecule Expression and Tumour Cell-Matrix Adhesion. Tumor Biol. 26, 103-112 (2005). 4. A. Ståhlberg et al. Quantitative real-time PCR for cancer detection: the lymphoma case. Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn. 5, 221-230 (2005). 5. M. Kubista et al. DNA-binding fluorophores. Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics and Proteomics (2004).

COMET ASSAY and CELL ARRAY for genotoxicity testing - non-animal alternative for REACH
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